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Wills & Estate

Bhardwaj Law is here to help make the loss of a family member significantly less strenuous and deterring. Our team will work closely with a wills’ beneficiaries, as well as provide services for respective parties in opposing, or defending a will. A Last Will is a legal document that allows a person to leave specific instructions on the distribution of one’s assets after their death.

Our Wills and Estates Planning practice involves all aspects of:

Will Lawyer in Toronto
  • Drawing up of a Will or Codicil

  • Drawing up of a Will or Codicil for a spouse which may or may not be on similar terms as that of the other spouse

  • Drawing up of a Power of Attorney for property decisions or personal care decisions as part of an estate planning consultation including taking instructions and attending on signing

  • General review of client's affairs and planning of estate, drawing Will, Powers of Attorney, trust instruments and/or other documents

  • Preparing the application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee with or without a Will

  • Preparing documents to transfer assets of the deceased to the estate trustee

  • Preparing documents to distribute assets to beneficiaries

  • Reviewing and advising on the deceased assets and liabilities, entitlement of creditors, beneficiaries and heirs, the terms of the Will , and the duties and rights of the estate trustee

What is Bhardwaj Law Virtual Estate Planning?

Bhardwaj Law's Virtual Estate Planning was launched in response to Canadians who seek estate planning services during the evolution of COVID-19. Launching this service has allowed us to serve those Canadians remotely to uphold the well-being of our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Our lawyers will guide you through the estate planning process of drafting your WillPower of Attorney for Property, and Power of Attorney for Personal Care. Our lawyers will also review your drafts with you in real time completely remotely.

Will Writing Services in Toronto - Bhardwaj Law Corporation

What Will I Need?

You will need to have the following handy:

  1. Access to a webcam and a microphone through your cell phone, computer or tablet.

  2. Internet access;

  3. A private setting (i.e. a room in your house);

  4. Valid government-issued identification (i.e. Passport/Driver’s License); and

  5. Access to a printer (optional).

Get in Touch With Me

Colleagues Going Over Plans

How Does This Service Work?

  1. As a first step, you will need to fill out our free easy-to-use Personal Intake Form For Estate Planning.

  2. Once filled out, your intake form will automatically be submitted to a lawyer from our Wills & Estates practice group. Our lawyer will reach out to you to discuss your plans over the telephone and provide you with their personal recommendations.

  3. After you sign our retainer, we will immediately get to work to prepare your estate planning documents.

  4. We will then schedule an appointment for you to review the draft with one of our lawyers in real-time remotely.

  5. Once you have had a chance to approve and finalize your estate planning documents, you will receive instructions on signing your documents.

Will Lawyer in Toronto

How Do I Get Started?


To get started, please click this link to fill out the Personal Intake Form For Estate Planning.

For all other inquiries, please fill out this form and our Wills & Estates lawyer will get back to you:

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