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Wills & Estate

Bhardwaj Law is here to help make the loss of a family member significantly less strenuous and deterring. Our team will work closely with a wills’ beneficiaries, as well as provide services for respective parties in opposing, or defending a will. A Last Will is a legal document that allows a person to leave specific instructions on the distribution of one’s assets after their death.

Our Wills and Estates Planning practice involves all aspects of:

Will Lawyer
  • Drawing up of a Will or Codicil

  • Drawing up of a Will or Codicil for a spouse which may or may not be on similar terms as that of the other spouse

  • Drawing up of a Power of Attorney for property decisions or personal care decisions as part of an estate planning consultation including taking instructions and attending on signing

  • General review of client's affairs and planning of estate, drawing Will, Powers of Attorney, trust instruments and/or other documents

  • Preparing the application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee with or without a Will

  • Preparing documents to transfer assets of the deceased to the estate trustee

  • Preparing documents to distribute assets to beneficiaries

  • Reviewing and advising on the deceased assets and liabilities, entitlement of creditors, beneficiaries and heirs, the terms of the Will , and the duties and rights of the estate trustee