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Experienced Probation Violation Defence Lawyer

If you have been charged or arrested for a probation violation, a failure to comply related offence or an offences against the administration of justice in Ontario,

you need to contact an experienced Toronto defence lawyer before you speak to the police.

What is Failure to Comply?

Offences in the category of failure to comply and offences against the administration of justice are different from other criminal charges in several ways. Such crimes usually only affect the justice system itself and generally do not involve direct harm to a victim. In the case of a Failure to Comply or an Offence Against the Administration of Justice, the behaviour is not widely perceived as ‘criminal’ but rather disobedience of orders from a court or other part of the legal system. These offences, however, are serious and you may be jailed and/or charged with a crime. Failure to Comply and Offences Against the Administration of Justice are usually secondary to the original crime.

Probation Violations Include:

Contact a Probation Offence Lawyer

Mukesh Bhardwaj is committed to defending your case and can provide you with the defence you need. Do not plead guilty. A guilty plea will result in a conviction that will remain on your permanent record causing severe consequences in both your social and professional life. Trust a Toronto defence lawyer who understands the trial process and can assist in achieving the best possible outcome.



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