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General Questions

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Who is an immigrant?

What is a Canadian Immigrant Visa?

What are the categories of immigrants?

Who can qualify as an independent immigrant to Canada?

Does it matter if I am an illegal resident in the country from which I am applying?

What if I have a relative already in Canada?

Is it true that the Canadian Immigration Act and its Regulations will be changing?

Do I need to hire a paralegal, lawyer or legal representative to complete my forms and advise me on my application?

What is the difference between using a Canadian-based representative and a foreign-based representative?

How do I retain Canadian Immigration Council to represent me?

What about common-law spouses and same-sex partners?

Application Procedure

Do I have to pay a processing fee?

How long does an application take to process?

Who must complete an IMM 0008 Application for Permanent Residence to Canada?

What happens if I do not have sufficient space on the application form?

Who should be the principal applicant?

Who can I include in my application?

Who is a dependant son or daughter?

I have children from a previous relationship. Do I have to include them in my application form if they are not living with me?

Do I have to include my dependents that will not accompany me to Canada?

Where must my application be submitted?

Can I transfer my application to a different visa office after it has been submitted?

What documents should I submit in support of my application for permanent residence?

Do I require a valid passport or travel document?

What language must my documents be in?

Do I need to submit the supporting documentation all at once?

What should I do if, during the course of processing my applications, the information contained in the initial application form has changed or is outdated?

Medical Examination

Is there a medical requirement for immigrating to Canada?

I am presently pregnant. Do I still have to undergo the medical examination?

Can my own doctor do the medical examination?

Will I receive a copy of the medical report and the result of the medical examination?

For how long is the medical examination valid?

Do all my family members require a medical examination?

What if my children are studying abroad and cannot return home for their immigration medical examination for another six months and I do not want to delay my application. What should I do?

My non-accompanying dependent is unwilling to undergo a medical examination. Is it possible to have him/her exempted?

What does "excessive demand" or whether my ailment would place an excessive demand on Canada's health or social services mean?

Police Clearance

What is police clearance?

Who has to undergo police clearance?

What is a background check?

When do I submit the police clearance?

I have a criminal record but I was very young and irresponsible at the time of the offense. Is there anything that I can do about this?

My police department has refused to issue me a report. What should I do?

Interview Selection

Do my family members and I need to attend an interview?

What kind of questions will I be asked by the immigration officer?

When can I anticipate having a selection interview?

Why are some interviews waived?

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