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Federal Court Engages in Pivotal Constitutional Hearings: Bouchelev Law and Associates Leading the

Updated: Mar 10

Federal Court recently was the battleground for a series of constitutional challenges, with private citizens and firearms-rights groups contesting the recent amendments to federal firearm regulations. Bouchelev Law, along with JSS Barristers, Loberg Law, and Edelson Friedman Black, took center stage in representing various stakeholders in these landmark cases.

Federal Court

Constitutional Challenges to Firearms Regulations:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Federal Government faced multiple challenges to recent amendments criminalizing the use of certain firearms. Represented by Bouchelev Law, licensed gun holders argued that these regulations, which reportedly banned over 100,000 legally owned firearms, were unconstitutional.

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) and allied groups, represented by JSS Barristers and Loberg Law, filed a separate lawsuit, questioning the legitimacy of amendments made through an Order in Council. They argued that the process circumvented the usual legislative scrutiny, constituting an "incorrect, unreasonable, and impermissible sub-delegation of authority."

Proposed Class Actions:

Amidst these firearms challenges, two proposed class proceedings alleging systemic racism were filed against the RCMP. Indigenous RCMP members and reservists claimed differential treatment, with Cooper Regel LLP and Murphy Battista LLP representing the class representative plaintiff, Harvey Adam Pierrot. Another class action against Dye & Durham Limited, Omers Infrastructure Management Inc., and DoProcess LP alleged price control conspiracy in the supply of the real estate software platform, "Conveyancer," seeking $200 million in damages.

Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project (URAP) Alleges Genocide:

In a notable case, URAP sued the Federal Government for alleged inaction against the ongoing Uyghur genocide. Represented by Larochelle Avocats, URAP argued that Canada, as a contracting state to the Genocide Convention, is obligated to prevent and punish genocide.

Workplace Grievance and Intellectual Property Disputes:

Mark Stentaford, an RCMP member, grieved the denial of medical fees for fertility treatment, represented by Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP. Additionally, this week saw intellectual property disputes with prominent law firms such as Gowling WLG, Bereskin and Parr LLP, Belmore Neidrauer LLP, and Goodmans LLP, representing various clients.

Supreme Court Highlights:

The Supreme Court of Canada also took on crucial matters involving immigration, refugee law, and a criminal case from British Columbia. Notable representations included Refugee Law Office, Jared Will & Associates, Prasanna Balasundaram, Martland & Saulnier, and Buck & Dlab Law.

At Bhardwaj Law Professional Corporation, we stand for our clients with unwavering confidence. These legal developments underscore our commitment to justice and advocacy. Stay informed. Stay empowered.



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