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Study Visa Canada: Legal Perspective on Recent Changes in Indian Student Applications to Canada

Dear Valued Readers and International Students,

At Bhardwaj Law, we understand the significance of pursuing education in a foreign country and the unique challenges that may arise. Recent reports indicate a substantial decline, almost 40%, in study permit applications from India to Canada during the latter half of 2023. As a Canadian law firm led by professionals with an understanding of both Indian and Canadian legal landscapes, we feel it's crucial to address the concerns and shed light on the evolving situation.

Study Visa Canada

Study Visa Canada - Understanding the Decline

The drop in applications is not solely attributed to geopolitical factors but also encompasses discussions around Canada's treatment of international students. The discourse on the exploitation of international students has gained prominence, emphasizing concerns about the high cost of living and the perceived disparity in promised opportunities.

Our Perspective

Having experienced the educational journey from India to Canada ourselves, we empathize with the challenges students may face. It's vital to recognize that the recent changes in policy, including discussions on limiting student intake for affordability, reflect a dynamic landscape.

Legal Insights

As legal professionals, we acknowledge the importance of transparent and fair policies that foster an environment conducive to education. We believe that addressing the concerns raised by international students is pivotal for sustaining Canada's reputation as a welcoming destination for education.

Collaboration for Solutions

We encourage an open dialogue between policymakers, educational institutions, and international students to find solutions that balance affordability and accessibility without compromising the quality of education.

Navigating the Changes

For those affected by these changes, Bhardwaj Law is here to provide legal guidance and support. Whether it's understanding immigration policies or addressing concerns related to your stay in Canada, our team is committed to assisting you through every step.


The relationship between Canada and its international student community is vital, and we believe that a collaborative effort can create positive changes. Bhardwaj Law remains dedicated to supporting the diverse needs of our international student population.


Sahil Bhardwaj

Legal Research Assistant

Bhardwaj Law Professional Corporation

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with a qualified legal professional for advice tailored to your specific situation.



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