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Visitor Visa Extension in Canada

When it comes to a tourist visa can last a maximum of six months when the visitor entered Canada, but if at the time of entering Canada the immigration agent writes a date on the entry visit in the passport, the last one on the day that you are authorized to stay in Canada, the coming date or we can say the departure date would be the one which is mentioned in the passport. Before that, the extension must be made up to 60 days before the original permit expires. To extend your stay in Canada and the applicant will need to apply for a visitor record. A visitor visa record is a document that gives a visitor the status of Canada by allowing you to stay longer than you originally requested.

If we compared with students and workers, we come to know that visitors have the least amount of time to apply for the extensions since visitors are generally allowed a stay in Canada for a maximum of six to eight months at a time. And the reason behind that is they want to have prolonged their stay in Canada must be clearly indicated when a visitor is submitting an extension request within the given time. When it comes to the final decision, the federal government is wary of people trying to live in Canada permanently on a temporary visa. The onus of responsibility on the applicant to justify the extension and demonstrate that they will indeed return home at the end of their stay in Canada.

If in case an applicant wants to apply to extend the tourist visa, they must keep in mind that the list of following documents must be submitted along with the submission of forms, an application or letter indicating the reason why the applicant wants to stay longer in the country, also a copy of the passport which should include the page with your personal data and the page with the date of entry, and the proof of status in Canada. Only if there is a valid immigration document, another thing to include is a copy of the marriage certificate, if applicable, the necessary evidence must also be provided to demonstrate the existence of the economic resources to cover the stay in the country as a visitor, you are not authorized to work in Canada that should be the main, which applicant should know.

If the applicant does not have enough of their money, savings, or other income this can create a big problem, but there is also an option to include an affidavit as proof from a friend or family, who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, in which this person assures gives the guarantee that they will cover their expenses while applicant stays in Canada. The applicant must also include a letter of employment and a copy of the last Notice of Assessment (tax) to verify that they have the necessary income from an extra or personal expense.

Immigration regulations have provided them with this type of situation and there is another section of the law that says that if the extension of applicant status was sent before the immigration status has expired if the person continues to have the same status until the moment of receiving the response. 

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