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Study Permit Extension in Canada

Most foreign nationals coming to the point of, a study in Canada must have a valid study permit without which the students can’t manage to stay in a country like Canada. Also, there are various international events where an international student will take longer than expected to complete their program of study, and with that terms, if they transfer to a longer program of study, there is a strong process that they will have to apply to extend their study permit.

In study permit extension, an applicant is required with an international student, if the student wishes to continue their stay in Canada for studying for longer than the validity period of their study permit. There is a very long procedure to extend the permit, the international student must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to extend their stay in Canada as a student.

This application must be submitted online whenever it has been mentioned. In order to know the requirements, the Canadian government needs that most residence applications made from within Canada be made with the help of the online application and that applicants should provide all applications for extensions of temporary resident status made within Canada. Also, all applications which are for study permits made from within Canada, all applications for renewals of study permits made from within Canada.  For this reason, the students have to plan to ensure that their application is submitted in advance of the expiration date of their current permit.

The expiry date on your study permit allows you to know that after that you have to stop studying and leave Canada. Applicants can find the expiry date of their given visa online like they have an online option to check whether their visa is getting expiry when and at which date and the top right corner of your permit. And that date is usually the length of your study program, including 90 days. And here the 90 days are given to applicants to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada.

The Government also provide at the max and if a student fails to apply for a study permit extension within or before their permit expires, they need to apply for a restoration of status for up to 90 days following the expiration and if an international country like wants to change their study permit, such as changing levels of study or transferring institutions and also it includes altering conditions listed on their study permit, then it may not be sufficient to apply to extend their study permit. In every case, it may be mandatory to apply for a new study permit.

The condition is that if you have lost your student status and you’re still in Canada and if you have, the expiry date of your study permit and passed before you applied for a new study permit, also for a work permit, and you might get to stay in Canada as a visitor, and if you didn’t respect the conditions of your permit, you may get punished. In some cases, applicants have to apply to have renewed their status as being a student. Another way to apply for the visa, an applicant must submit your application within 90 days of losing your status, and they have to keep meeting the requirements for their stay, have met all the conditions listed on your permit, and pay your fees, restoration fee and study permit. 

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