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Super Visa in Canada

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Canada is the best country to live in. The country has one of the best immigration policies in the world and due to this reason, Canada attracts immigrants from all over the world. Every year over 250,000 new immigrants come to Canada. The family sponsorship has been at the forefront of the immigration policy which helps to unite families for the immigrants in Canada. At immigration to Canada, we are a leading immigration service provider for family sponsorship.

In Canada family immigration is specially designed for Canadian citizens who can sponsor their husband or wife for becoming a permanent resident of Canada, thereby boosting Family immigration to Canada. With over 65000 family visas issues alone in the year 2008.

Canada's family visas specifically require you to sponsor eligible relatives who are spouse, common-law partner, and/or dependent children. To be eligible you as well as your eligible relative will be required to meet certain eligibility requirements. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to assist them financially in Canada, due to which there is no requirement for them to ask for any monetary help from the government of Canada.

Every sponsor is required to meet their income requirements. Under the Canada family immigration visa, you can even sponsor certain relatives like parents and grandparents under the family class program as well as Brothers or Sister.

One of the main benefits for the applicant for applying for a Canada family visa is that their own relatives from India who are sponsored under this category will need to go for their evaluation of the points used in the Canada points system. Canada being the permanent resident all of them can need to work without any restriction, avail training programs for language as well as find the appropriate help when it comes to finding the right kind of employment. Also, permanent residents have complete accessibility to long-term benefits such as government-funded healthcare, free education till the age of 18 after which they have a subsidized rate of education, we can also account for the university level along with reduced tuition fees and other social care. Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement. We can check with the dependent visa for parents with Canada dependent visa for parents even apply for Canadian citizenship for three years post living in Canada as a permanent resident.

Basically, a sponsorship agreement is a contract that outlines the conditions for both the sponsor as well as the family member or relative who is being sponsored to immigrate to Canada. In this agreement, the sponsor must accept that they are ready to help out his/her relative or dependent for an agreed duration of time without receiving any kind of social assistance. The sponsored individual must ensure that they are able to fund themselves, except in the case where your sponsored relatives are elderly.

We will be glad to assist you in preparing your application and a complete list of the documents required. If you would like to peruse our enhanced services, we can assess your qualifications at no cost or obligation. Kindly Contact us, and we will revert back to you shortly with our accurate assessment result.

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